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Old Town European Market

Our Product

We sell everything from tea, coffee, pasta, grain, cookies, chocolate, sunflower seeds, deli cheese, deli meats, sausages, canned products, fish, beverages, spices and more. Our product is kosher and many products that we carry are GMO free.



High Quality

Our delicious chocolate is imported from Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc. European chocolate is darker, smoother and richer flavor. Europeans use more cacao, and they use their own butter and cream, which has higher fat content.

German Bread

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

We bake fresh German bread daily. Bread is more than just a food in Germany its part of their culture. Germany produces more varieties of bread than any other countries. Germany has high quality soil to grow their wheat and rye to produce their amazing bread.



Perfect Cup of Tea

Europe is one of the most tea loving continents in the world. We sell anything from loose tea to bagged and herbal tea. We carry different berry flavor tea, different types of herbal tea mixes which are rich in flavor and very delicious.

Pasta and Grain

From Europe

We carry varieties of Egg pasta and Grains. We offer penne pasta, soup noodles pasta, shells, alphabet, spaghetti, spiral, nest noodles and more. For grains we carry buckwheat, rice, farina, barley, oats, oat groats, barley groats, wheat oats, corn from different companies to choose from.



Ground and instant coffee

We carry some delicious ground coffee from Germany, Bosnia, and Russia. Also one of the best selling coffee is Dallmayr.  "Dallmayr prodomo is a premium blend of the finest arabica highland coffee beans from the best growing areas in the world." And different instant coffee. Also chicory and cacao powder.


Cookies, marshmallow, wafers and etc.

We carry great variety of sweets like; cookies, European marshmallow (zefir), wafers, dried ring breads, gingerbreads, and so much more. Very delicious, great for tea and gifts.


Sausages and meats


We carry European sausages, Jewish special and Jewish dry are one of the best selling ones. Made from beef, great for snacks, sausage and cheese platters, and sandwiches. We also have dry beef, veal and chicken franks and basturma.



Europeans can a lot of vegetables, especially for winter times. Canned salads is one of great snacks which you can spread on bread or crackers. Also carry a lot of canned tomatoes and cucumbers that are great side addition to your hot meal.


Variety of


We offer a great selection of herring, dry fish, and a lot of canned fish like sprats. One of the great ways to eat herring is boil whole skinned potatoes (preferably young potatoes). Put some sunflower oil on the potatoes and salt. Add a fresh salad to your side or pickles and your all set!



We carry European deli cheeses, dairy products like butter, feta cheese, farmers cheese, kefir and ryazhenka that is made by pasteurizing milk and then simmering it on low heat for eight hours or longer.



Frozen or fresh

We sell Frozen cakes that are made in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. You just defrost them and it’s ready to eat! They are delicious and well decorated. One of the popular ones are Kiev cake which has two airy layers of meringues with cashew, chocolate glaze, and a buttercream-like filling. We also have some fresh cakes like honey cake and spartak cake which is made with cacao layers with cream between layers.


Soda, juice, mineral water

We carry European drinks like; different European lemonades, mineral water, juices, even syrups that you can mix with water and drink it as juice or soda. We also carry Slavic and Baltic special drink called kvass. It is most popular in Central and Eastern Europe. Kvass is made by the natural fermentation of bread such as rye, wheat or barley. And flavored using fruit or berries.


Sunflower seeds

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have great selection of sunflower seeds from Babkini sunflower seeds to Ot Martina, the number one selling brand. Sunflower seeds contain large amount of magnesium, calcium and vitamin E. Also sunflower seeds contain chemical element that slows down the aging process. Don’t forget that sunflower seeds are also a great way to soothe nerves.

Variety of

Spices, oil and sauce

We also carry spices and oils. One of the popular oil is the sunflower oil. This oil is great for salads which gives specific delicious taste. We also sell of the best spices called Vegeta. It gives your food a rich delicious flavor. We also carry some spices that are hard to find in other stores. Like German spices for French fries, curry ketchup. And mix for popular Russian/ Ukrainian borsch.


Vareniki and pelmeni


We carry different brands of pelmeni and vareniki. It is Russian dumplings that is made from dough with a certain filling. It can be made with meat, farmers cheese, berries, potatoes or cabbage. All you need to do is bring the salted water to boil and put the dumplings in and boil them for 8-10 min. Drain water, add some butter and it is ready to eat.

Jams and preserves

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We carry jams and preserves. European do a lot of canning. Which include canning fruits and berries. European love drinking tea and one of the must haves on their table is jams, or preserves with tea.

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